District 4 needs leadership focused on legislation that directly affects our district. As your Representative, I will prioritize issues of highest concern to my constituents and the state of Wisconsin.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare


Ten years ago, the Affordable Care Act granted the right to all Americans to have insurance resulting in 20 million more Americans gaining coverage – including those with pre-existing conditions. While the system is not perfect, it has improved the health of millions of people, saved lives, and prevented many people having to declare bankruptcy due to medical bills.


Our health does not know Democratic or Republican lines. We all need the security that comes from knowing we have access to quality health care and the insurance to cover it. In Wisconsin, there is much more we can do to ensure that healthcare options are available to ALL:


  • Expanding Medicaid to cover thousands more Wisconsinites who currently make too much for BadgerCare, but can’t afford insurance on the private market.

  • Reversing a decision to refuse Medicaid reimbursements, which cost our state $1 BILLION of our own tax dollars.

  • The ACA should be used as a base and build a future so every Wisconsinite has access to affordable healthcare. This also ensures policies are not sold that under insure Wisconsinites.

  • Support telehealth services and remove barriers to care. Telehealth allows people all over the state to access their doctor from the comfort of their own homes, and is especially helpful in rural areas where medical facilities may be far away.

  • Work with health insurance companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs.


Voting Rights and Non-partisan Redistricting


The harmful practice of gerrymandering allows elected officials to pick their voters rather than the other way around. Right now Wisconsin’s legislative districts are highly gerrymandered. The party in power unfairly rigged the maps to their favor, thereby denying citizens of their right to fairly choose their representatives. 


With Wisconsin’s extreme gerrymandering, our elected officials actually have far less reason to listen to their constituents. Why do they need to if their reelection is all but assured? Despite this obviously undemocratic situation, our state legislature refuses to engage in discussions on the matter.  


To combat the undemocratic practice of gerrymandering, I support:

  • A fair redistricting process to make legislative districts more competitive - for both Democrats and Republicans

  • Instituting a non-partisan board to create legislative districts based on actual communities (not squiggly lines on a map). 

  • The expansion and support of early voting and mail-in voting, which provide more avenues for public participation in elections.


Clean Air and Water

Everything we do must be viewed through the lens of our environment. We depend on clean air, water, and land to maintain our quality of life and support our communities through commerce. For many reasons, we must protect our environment and make clean water a priority.


I believe in science and believe we as a community, and as a state, can make a difference when we know the facts. As it relates to the environment, we should examine every action we take through the lens of whether it is helping combat the climate crisis. Here are a few actions we can take at the state level:


  • Keep vital regulations in place to keep our rivers and the bay clean. Our taxpayer dollars have already gone into cleaning up these waters, and we don’t need to do it again.

  • Pass the bipartisan CLEAR Act (Chemical Level Enforcement and Remediation Act). This act addresses hazardous chemicals known as PFAS. 

  • Remain in Great Lakes Compact and ensure rerouted water is ultimately returned to the Great Lakes.



Wisconsin desperately needs to revamp its infrastructure. All across the state, drivers know the pain of driving on roads that are crumbling. And according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 1,232 of Wisconsin's bridges are structurally deficient, there are 157 high hazard dams in the state, and our drinking water is at risk without significant investment. Another source, the Reason Foundation, found Wisconsin’s rural arterial pavement condition ranked a dismal 45th and rural Interstate pavement condition 44th out of the 50 states. 


A high-quality infrastructure keeps everything moving. It gets goods and services where they need to go and makes our state attractive to business. It keeps our schools running efficiently and with modern technology. Besides this, investing in our infrastructure will provide high-quality and well-paying jobs. There’s so much the state legislature can do:


  • Increase long-term investment in our roads, bridges, and water infrastructure.

  • Support age-friendly and liveable communities. 

  • Invest in statewide broadband and increase connectivity in all parts of our state.

  • Upgrade and modernize our schools, and make 21st century technology available to every child.




Wisconsin has a proud tradition of strong public education. But in recent years, our schools have suffered huge budget cuts. These cuts have had a detrimental effect on our children and our communities. Across our state, many schools are closing or combining classes, resulting in fewer choices for our families and kids. We can reverse this trend. We can invest in our future -- our children -- and restore this proud Wisconsin tradition. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, school systems across the state have struggled with the question of whether to have in-person class. While we all agree that in-person classes are best for the majority of our kids, until the pandemic is under control we have no choice but to distance from one another. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With the right leadership in state government, Wisconsin kids can go back to school sooner and safer.


Here’s what we can do:


  • In this time of COVID-19, we need to make sure our schools have the appropriate PPE, disinfectant, and other materials to make learning as safe as possible. These materials should be paid for by grants through the state and/or federal government. 

  • Increase public school funding. This will allow for smaller class sizes and provide for safer in-person education.

  • Focus on one school system, our public education system, especially now during the pandemic. Green Bay has a very successful school choice program within the public schools. Specifically, Ashwaubenon has one of the highest opt-in rates for school choice. 


Equal Rights and Victim’s Rights


I support equal rights for everyone. In part, this means equal pay for equal work. We cannot accept that women earn less than men for equal work, and women of color make less than white women on average. We can and must do more. 


We also need to protect the rights of victims. During the last legislative session, my opponent supported a bill that would have increased rights for victims of sexual assault. However, he couldn’t move the bill through his own caucus. Despite having many supporters, the bill died in that caucus. 


This is just one reason we need new leadership in the 4th District. We need someone who can get things done. I support:


  • Equal pay for equal work, and the force of law to back it up. 

  • Passing House Bill 44, which would set standards for collection of sexual assault evidence and eliminate the huge backlog of rape kit testing.

  • Rescind the “Gay Panic” defense as permissible in court.


Kathy Hinkfuss


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