Kathy Hinkfuss Enters Race for 4th Assembly
District, Challenges Republican David Steffen

I am running to protect our health, safety, education & voting rights
Today I am announcing my candidacy for State Assembly in the 4th district. 

At this very moment, we are living history. 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken thousands of lives, and unemployment has risen abruptly, nonessential businesses have been closed for weeks, and some may never re-open. Our reactions to this global crisis affecting our community may turn out to be defining moments in history. 

For many in District 4, this means a loss of affordable healthcare benefits. The hardship is only intensified for those who have experienced job loss and were fortunate enough to have had employer-sponsored health care. We are witnessing and experiencing instability at a time with a great deal of uncertainty, and our district needs elected leaders who are committed to representing our health, safety, and voting rights.

Voting Rights
Wisconsin is one of the most aggressive gerrymandered states in U.S. history, and is the cause of voter suppression across the state of Wisconsin. In 2016, federal judges confirmed Wisconsin State Assembly maps as unconstitutional, finding Republicans had drawn voting district maps with the intent to secure the Party's control of the state legislature.  

On top of, and during these unprecedented times, our elected Wisconsin legislators sued to limit our voting rights by not allowing for an all-mail election during a worldwide crisis. Giving everyone the right to vote is the foundation of a fair election, and Wisconsin state legislators prevented that from occurring. As a community, we cannot accept the outcome. Our maps should be electorally responsive and allow for the change in the voters' preferences over time.

Locally, we watched our current leader, Dave Steffen openly support public, in-person voting by disregarding stay-at-home orders. Instead of preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection and protecting the health of our community, he was working to control political power.


We need a leader who will unite our community and who voters can trust in Madison to focus on the issues affecting families every day. We should expect our government to make our lives easier, especially during times of crisis. Right now, Wisconsin needs testing capabilities. We need to give our hospitals the tools to do their work. States are competing for testing and supplies against each other and the federal government. I think we can all agree; we must secure a safe democracy for our children and the future of WI.

Health care

We all need affordable health care. Rich or poor, I will stand up for health care that offers the choice of providers and health plans, and will work hard to ensure this is affordable and available to all. My balanced-approach will unite our community, and I will equally represent District 4 in Madison. Leadership takes courage, and knowing what is important to families and individuals, is all the courage I need to represent you.

I know healthcare can be affordable. I have spent the majority of my professional career in the healthcare industry in both a clinical role and at an administrative level, where I witnessed happily insured patients, and a fair health insurance market. I spent years as a leader focused on service and education of our members and associates. Early in my career, co-pays for office visits and separate deductibles for medical care and pharmacies did not exist. Back then, healthcare was affordable. 
In recent years I served executive positions for Greater Green Bay, where I learned firsthand the issues facing our small businesses and non-profits: the struggle to balance payroll and provide employees affordable and all-important health care benefits. At critical points in my executive tenure, I was able to utilize past experiences to find a win-win for everyone, our dedicated employees, and their non-profit employer. 

What I’m Working Hard for 

I am seeking to represent a sprawling district that spreads across the west side of Green Bay, northwest to Howard and south and east to include the Villages of Ashwaubenon and Allouez. The people within the 4th District will recover from the many pandemic effects, and regain trust faster if they are represented by a courageous leader and a strong voice that will be heard in Madison. 

I look forward to using my healthcare background, business acumen, and not-for-profit experience to work for the voters of District 4. There is more that unites us than divides us. I grew up and raised my family in this District. I have a professional track record of working collaboratively with people and organizations of all backgrounds to get things done. I fully appreciate and understand hard work and accountability. It would be an honor to represent the voters of District 4 in the Wisconsin State Assembly and fight for our health, safety, and voting rights.

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